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Activities and objectives

The M2C institute is an interdisciplinary and application-oriented institute for media research at the Centre for Informatics and Media Technology (ZIMT) in Bremen.

The activities and objectives of the Institute are generated by different interdependent fields of work:

- Research and development

- Scientific Consulting

- Training and personal coaching

- Education and qualification

- Research transfer and incentive initiatives for innovation


Research and development

- Applied-oriented research, development and employment of electronic media

- Especially electronic media for the field of entertainment (mobile entertainment) and urban use (urban interaction) and further for innovative participatory media systems (performative systems).

- Research of user behavior, impact, innovation, cultural developments

- The institute’s interdisciplinary orientation allows the individual design and development of media systems. Apart from our own developments from current research, these activities are also pursued as commissional work in scientific contexts and as part of tie-in projects.


Scientific Consulting

Consulting for companies, institutions and networks:


- Digitalization

- Work 4.0

- Participation

- Citizenship

- Culture Development

- EU Project Development

- NELOD® Neuroenergetic Leadership and Organisational Development


Training and personal coaching

- Setting up regional platforms for economic, artistic, cultural and scientific players for the exchange about e-Culture, mobile and digital media. Support of specialist and interdisciplinary communication

- Consulting of innovative projects and support of network activities and funding opportunities

- Consulting for regional players in the creative economies and cultural industries regarding mediatisation, eLearning, e-Culture, design and innovation.

- Support of the international cultural dialogue and the exchange between science and culture, support of media art activities in Bremen and their global cross-linking (e.g. SHARE.global)


Education and qualification

- Integration of research results into academic education, especially in the degree program „Digital Media (University of Applied Sciences Bremen, University of Bremen, University of the Arts Bremen, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven).

- Support of education/ teaching regarding Bachelor and Master thesis as well as project theses within the framework of the institute’s projects. Students and junior scientists are integrated into the research practice through internships and further mentoring.

- Additional professional qualification of university graduates by recruitment of human resources for research activities, focusing on the qualified young academics of the Bremen universities. Integration of graduates into international research practices.

- Implementation of regional and international scientific workshops involving recognized experts developing qualifications and networking practices.


Research transfer and incentive initiatives for innovation

- Initiatives to support clustering and networking in enterprises and institutions in Bremen in the fields of ICT-economy, creative economy, cultural industry, universities and research institutions

- Implementation of European tie-in projects in cooperation with industries, SMEs and other players as incentive initiative in Bremen.

- Implementation of applied-oriented cooperation projects with SMEs in the field of innovative mobile media in Bremen.

- Implementation of regional and international conferences and workshops to enhance the cooperation of Bremen players at European and international level.


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