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Mobiles Medienkommunikations-Environment für Urban Screen Szenarien

Funded by: big bremen – Die Wirtschaftsförderung, EFRE Fond der Europäischen Union

Runtime: 01.10.2006 – 30.11.2009

Total volume: 221.000€

Big screens are increasingly installed in the public space. They reduce the audience to the passive role of the observer since they offer no interactive opportunity to communicate. This situation will be changed by MoMeus.

In this project, directed by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (M2C), people engaged in the cultural sector, companies and research institutions develop a conferrable, interactive model for Urban Screen Communication. Mobile und stationary Multi-User-Environments (known from PC games) are connected methodically and technically. Supported by a platform, this project allows to involve Mixed-Community-processes. A participative media system emerges, allowing the audience to co-determine via internet or mobile phone what will be shown on urban screens.


Project partners:

Hochschule Bremen, IIA, mobile2culture,

GfG Gruppe für Gestaltung

Zoom Videobeamer

Fraunhofer IAIS, eCulture Factory


Procedes Art & Creativ Productions GmbH


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