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Funded: EACEA European Union

Duration: 01.05.2011 – 31.10.2012

Total volume: 200.000 €

artMuse is a common project of: LWL – Industry and textile museum in Bocholt, Germany, the Museum of Bitola and the National Institution Institute in Macedonia, the Gdanks City Gallery in Poland in cooperation with the M2C Institute. It is a European Project for cultural future developments.

The European locations of industrial culture, history of the city, contemporary art and protohistory in Bocholt, Gdanks and Bitola early in their insistence coalesced in the sectors work, technology, textile art, social development up to the industrial assembly. This common European historical dimension is currently further developed. The project artMuse assists this process by combining the mutual historical heritage with common topics of presence and future. But there is another similarity between these places: they find themselves in a time of European ecological, economical and social transformation, looking for new cultural expressions. In artMuse we would like to jointly face this quest in a constructive way. To achieve this, we closely work together with artists, creatives, cultural managers, citizens and museum visitors. The aim is to form a place of creativity, of intermediation and of cultural experimentation. This should lay the foundation for a European cultural center.

In July 2011, the opening of the "Alte Spinnerei" in Bocholt marked the beginning of a whole bunch of interactive media festivals with many artists from all over Europe being involved. Textile industry had a fundamental role of in the beginning of industrial revolution and it has important impact on our presence, therefore textile as a museological topic suits the venue. Furthermore, the Spinning Mill will house different activities connected to various fields, such as science, art and culture, craft and industry. These arts-"jams" invite local and European artists, but also non-professional artists and visitors to practically participate. Their interaction will open out into a new dimension of creative potential, to which local players, volunteering cultural activists, cultural managers and tourism experts contribute. This series will be continuously pursued by all involved partners in order to extend the actors’ interconnection. New European cultural developments will be pushed and assembled by peripherally organized culture and future workshops.

Both the artMuse festivals as well as the exhibitions of the participating museums and institutions are documented and are being interconnected virtually via the European Corner. This joint project of several museums brings the European culture and cultural development closer to the visitor who may explore digital exhibitions provided from all around Europe. Via the Art Channel of the European Corner all artMuse activities are distributed to the participating museums.


Project partners

LWL Industriemuseum, Textilmuseum Bocholt, Bocholt,

Stadtmuseum Bitola, Bitola, Mazedonien

Städtische Galerie Gdansk, Danzig

sowie weitere Assoziierte Partner:

Museum für Industrielle Archäologie und Textilien, Gent

Nordwestdeutsches Museum für Industriekultur Nordwolle, Delmenhorst

National Polytechnisch Museum, Sofia, Bulgarien

Hochschule Bremen

M2C Institut für angewandte Medienforschung


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