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Work 4.0

Scientific Consulting: Think Cross – Think Virtual – Think Global

Advising companies, institutions and networks

- Digitization

- Work 4.0

- Participation

- Feedback-Systems

- Virtual Teams

- Business culture

- NELOD® Neuroenergetic Leadership and Organizational Development

Consulting Task Force: Team and topics to digitization and und work 4.0

Martin Koplin

Digitization and work 4.0

Participation 4.0

NELOD® Neuroenergetic Leadership and Organisational Development

Scientific R&D

Simone Müller

Virtual Teams

Management 4.0

Change Management

Process Management

What means work 4.0 and which opportunities and risks accompany the next step of digitization? How to lead a team? How to use cultural differences constructively? How do electronic media mutate communication? What are the success factors of participation? How to lead virtual teams and network companies? Our CCBM methodology, learning platform TRAILS and NELOD® Neuroenergetic Leadership and Organizational Development System for organizational development 4.0.

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